Tamannah reveals her enjoyment

Tamannah has said that she enjoyed working with the cast and crew of
Sketch, the upcoming film of Vikram directed by Vijay Chander of Vaalu

“Can’t wait sir !!! A film I really enjoyed working on every single
day @vijayfilmaker(sic)”, she posted on her social media page.

Reacting to this, the director said, “Yeahhh I am really very happy to
work with @tamannaahspeaks a great human being with full of support
and kindness thanks a lot no words.”

And Tamannah replied: “Thank you sir , it’s been an amazing journey
and learnt so much from you.”

Sketch is an action comedy film written and directed by Vijay Chander.
Featuring Vikram, Tamannaah and Sri Priyanka in the lead roles, the
film began its production in February 2017.

In November 2016, director Vijay Chander, who had previously made
Vaalu (2015), revealed that his next project would feature Vikram in
the lead role.

Produced by Silverline Film Factory, who had worked on an incomplete
fantasy film titled Karikalan with Vikram during 2010, the film was
widely reported to be a remake of the American film, Don’t Breathe

Denying the reports, Vijay Chander later clarified that it was an
original script and the film would be set in North Chennai.